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ПРОДАВЦАМ - Продавайте свои скрипты и любые цифровые товары через нашу плошадку.

ПОКУПАТЕЛЯМ - покупайте проверенные товары по низким ценам, качество товаров гарантировано командой Profit Scripts.

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Скрипт хайп проекта Coin.
Платежная система - Фрикасса, пайер.
Зарабатывай на криптовалютном рынке вместе с Investcoin.
Заключи контракт в личном кабинете и получай до 3% прибыли еженедельно.
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  • Стоимость: 5.00 $.
  • Категория: Скрипты HYIP и MLM
  • Тип товара: Файл
  • Размер файла: 21.19 Мб
  • Количество: Бесконечно
  • Рейтинг продавца: 5.88
Скриншот товара
  • Скрипт хайп проекта Coin.
  • 15 февраля 2023 в 22:13
The site shows error 500 no matter what i try. I purchased 2 sctipt from you both have flaws. I was going to buy few more from you but now i am not. I am not angry that i wasted money i am just disappointed to see unfinished products. thanks anyway!
  • 20 февраля 2023 в 12:54

Nobody complained except you. Everyone's site is set up just fine.
  • 23 февраля 2023 в 22:48
Well, i am in marketplace for 8 years and purchased more then 500 scripts. No one complained that is good for you, as i purchased and and complaining that the codes were not working its your job to provide solution not to tell that other do not complain. This is unprofessional behavior which is not expected from a seller. Anyway, it does not matter as there are thousands of seller out there in different marketplaces and 5-10 USD is actually nothing. Good luck with your projects. I hope people like them and find helpful.
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